Vendor Final Instructions 

Solano County Home & Garden Show – February 8th & 9th, 2020


Venue Address: 1451 Gateway Blvd., Fairfield Ca 94533

Mailing Address: 5055 Business Center Drive, Ste 108, PMB 415, Fairfield Ca 94534

Phone: 707-655-8439



SHOW HOURS:  Saturday 10:00am – 6:00pm and Sunday 10:00am-5:00pm

Solano County Home & Garden show would like to welcome you all to our Spring Home & Garden Show at the Solano Town Center, Fairfield.   We are looking forward to having Successful show. The Fairfield community is very excited to have us

Please take a few minutes to read over the outlined material, as there is valuable show information.   


ALL EXHIBITORS need to check in at Exhibitor Check-In prior to moving into your booth/space location.  Follow the signs to Exhibitor Check-In, it will be at the large desk in the front of the Venus the person at Check-In will help you locate your booth and space location, answer most, if not all your questions, and allow you to pick up your Exhibitor Badges to be worn at the Show and use for parking.  During show hours you will park at the lower end of the parking lot across the street leaving lots of spaces for our attendees.

Vendor Set up

Solano Town Center has strict restrictions on loading during business hours. You will need to accommodate your loading and unloading schedules. Thank you for your understanding, and cooperation. 

All Loading and drop off must be completed before 10 am and after 9 pm Thursday & Friday. Solano Town Center will not allow us under any circumstance to load in the docking or side doors durning business hours. Once inside you may set up booth space for time the venue is opened.

  • Thursday February 6, set up is only for Large vendors (Large only), Thursday time (5am -10am loading,after 9pm-12am loading ).There will be no loading in and out anything that can't be carried by hand after 10am between 9pm

  • Friday, February 7th time (5am -10am loading, 9pm-12am loading ).

  • Saturday, February 8th time (7am-9am)

  • Sunday February 9th Break down is at 5 pm. No early break downs (6pm you may start unloading large items).

  • All vendors need to be set up 15 mins prior to doors opening to the public. NO vehicles are to be in front of the building after 10am you may park in the parking lot. Durning event you need to park at the lower park of the parking lot. Please leave parking for attendees. We don't want to discourage their attendance.

IN SETTING UP YOUR DISPLAY(S), Please do not block off the view into your neighboring booths.  


EXHIBITOR BADGES; (4) set you apart from the attendee’s and any possible imposter’s.  The badges will identify the business as an exhibitor and the badges will accommodate a business card to further enhance your company’s appearance at the Show.  Please make sure you have your badge and wear it during the show hours, your badge will also get you in and out through the gates. Extra Badges are available for purchase for $5.00 each badge.


VIP ADMISSION TICKETS; (4) Complimentary VIP tickets will be made available for you to give to your VIP clients or use them to promote your business in any advertising you might do before the Show.  Better yet, use them at the Show to give to those contacts you would like to see again on Sunday. Your VIP tickets will be given to you at check-in OR call ahead and we can have your VIP Customer’s tickets at the ticket booth (WILLCALL) with their name on them.  Extra VIP Tickets are available for purchase for a special price for $5.00 at ticket


INCENTIVES:  There is no better vehicle to substantiate a blockbuster incentive than a Trade Show – so why not take advantage of your decision to be an Exhibitor and make your strike!!  This is your promotion within a promotion – please be sure to make it legal, profound, and include it in any of your advertising prior to the event.  The stipulation should be that the attendee or prospective client must make contact with your firm at the Show, register at your booth and then you can give them ample time to take advantage of whatever your incentive is.  The “ample time” is your decision; we suggest 60 to 90 days or more. Remember the incentives are accumulative so this alone makes for enough reason to attend the Show.


SHOW LOGO:  Use the Show Logo in your promotions, advertising and Social Media to indentify your firm as being a part of the event.  A number of firms intend to use the logo in their ads prior to the show to enhance their success at the event. If you would like the logo for use in a publication, please call us.


PARKING INSTRUCTIONS:  After unloading for your appropriate booth exhibit area, park your vehicles away from the building, in the designated Exhibitor Parking areas.  No exhibitor vehicles are allowed to be parked in the attendee parking area. Please adhere to this! The Solano Town center has security onsite, but this does not insure the safety of your cars. Please remove valuables and lock your cars.  


REMEMBER:  There are NO ladders, forklift, dollies, hammers, brooms, pencils, paper, scissors, tape etc.  Bring these items with you or arrange for their use with a rental firm. Forklifts Must be Cleared for use at the Solano Town Center. Call to inquire.

In order to operate a Forklift  the driver must be certified and insured with paperwork on hand for inspectors.


INSURANCE:  Please provide a certificate of Insurance for $1,000,000 ,Certificate Holder: Star-West Solano, LLCC/O SRP Property Management, LLC 1350 Travis Blvd.Fairfield, CA 94533

Internet and WiFi- There Is no internet or wifi provided. Please make accommodations for this. We will not be responsible for your sales and devices or internet access. 


RV PARKING:  There is No RV parking available at the facility.  If interested please call 


LODGING: Hilton Garden Inn Fairfield, 2200 Gateway Blvd, Fairfield Ca 94534 ph:707-426-6900, 

Courtyard by Marriott Fairfield, 1350 Holiday Lane, FF Ca 94533 ph: 707-422-4111,

Hampton Inn and Suites, 2 Harbor Center, Suisun city, Ca 94585 707-429-0900

PLEASE READ over, your agreement, as you are bound by it. Remember no sub or cross leasing. Only the firms that have paid for space may be promoted at the Show.  If sub or cross-leasing happens, the firm in question will be asked to leave or pay the full booth fee once again!


SECURITY will be supplied by us for Friday, Saturday, and through Sunday until 10PM.  This will consist of one individual who will patrol the facility plus the outside grounds.  This does not guarantee that items will be completely safe. This is only a deterrent. The Solano Town center has security onsite, but this does not insure the safety of your cars, valuables. Please remove valuables and lock your cars.  


MUSIC IN BOOTH:  Live or taped music is prohibited as part of an exhibit or display.  Any sound emanating from a booth must not be intrusive to the neighboring booths.


IT IS MANDATORY:  That all personnel manning the display booths be present in the booth no later than fifteen minutes prior to show time.


CLOSING DOWN:  Removal of displays must not start before 5:00PM on Sunday and should be completed by 10:00PM.  There are always attendees in the Show until closing.  Not only is it a safety issue, but also it is extremely disruptive to Exhibitors and attendees who are conducting business.  Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.


NO FOOD OR DRINK DISPENSING IS ALLOWED:  The only main authorized food and drink concessionaires are the ones that have paid for that specialty!


PLACING FLYERS on car windshields is prohibited and against local ordinances.


PLEASE remember that Solano County Home & Garden Show has the responsibility to all the participating firms and agencies to put on a professional event.  With that in mind, we thank you again in advance for your cooperation and participation. We hope you have a great show!


Solano County Home & Garden Show

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