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Dixon Fairgrounds
655 S First Street,
Dixon, CA 95620

September 21st & 22nd, 2024

Exhibitor Show Rates 

$1,000 Corner Indoor Booth 

$900 Inline Indoors Booth 

$400 Indoor 8Ft table space (Limited)

$600.00 Outdoor Corner Booth 

$500.00 Outdoor Inline Booth 

Food Trucks Vendors Booth Outdoors $350.00 

Prepackage treats no hot food outdoors $250.00

Electrical Separate $70.00 

Table rental $8

Chair rental $3 

Parking Free

All Food vendors need to provide all necessary permits, business license, insurance waiver and insurance. Hot foods must send Fire Extinguisher Current tags. All permits are due 30 days prior to event. 

Hand crafters call for pricing.

Pipe and drape at this location. 

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