Scarecrow Contest

Rules and Guidelines

Use your imagination to select a theme for your scarecrow. You can choose a traditional, contemporary or humorous approach, its up to you & your group, please keep theme family friendly. Be creative, have fun and remember your scarecrow will be seen by thousands throughout the weekend.

  • Set-up: Friday, October16th, 9am-7:00pm, Saturday October17th 7:30am-9am.

  • You must bring all your own materials including any signage.

  • Scarecrows will be set up on the East side of the park, in the Family Fun Park.

  • Your displays need to be anchored & secured.

  • Electricity is limited, please ask.

  • Scarecrows will be inside the Nut Tree Family Park, we do have 24 hr. security. Solano County Home & Garden Show takes no responsibility for the scarecrows once they are set up.

  • Judging is on Saturday, October 17th, The attendee's will be voting for best Scarecrow creativity & use of materials.

  • Award ribbons will be placed on Scarecrows Sunday morning. 

  • Take-down: On Sunday morning, October 18th, 5-8pm & Monday 9am-1pm

  • We hope you will join us for this traditional Nut Tree activity.